More about how it works

One of the key benefits of Lilydome waterless urinal waste systems is that they are very easy to install – the unique Lilydome system can be fitted to nearly all conventional urinals without the need to replace the bowl.

The conventional urinal trap seal is replaced with a disposable one that contains a specially formulated valve, trapping odours away. Lilydome equipped urinals are plumbed into the waste lines but do not require a water supply.

The result is PlanetSaver’s Lilydome system that uses unique technology which is environmentally friendly and cost effective, doing away with water consumption associated with urinals. Lilydome is proven to put a stop to urinal flooding and provide better hygiene as well as an odour-free restroom.

How Lilydome Saves Money

Using fresh water to dispose of wastewater is clearly a flawed system, not only in terms of the environmental drawbacks, but also from an economic standpoint. Lilydome waterless urinal waste systems save you money in three important ways.

  1. Purchase Price: PlanetSaver’s Lilydome costs less to purchase and install than conventional flushing urinals. This is largely due to the fact that the only plumbing required is a drainage outlet, which typically takes less than an hour to install. The cartridge itself takes just seconds to install.
  2. Operating Costs: You save 100% on the cost of using water to flush urinals and 100% on sewer charges, both of which are steadily on the rise.
  3. Maintenance Costs: Costs associated with maintenance of conventional urinals are reduced dramatically. Lilydome waterless urinal systems only require the cartridge to be changed periodically along with a normal cleaning routine.Because no hard water is running through the pipes, they remain free of calcification, drastically reducing the need to clean the pipes. In addition, the cost of transporting water to and from urinals is reduced.

How Lilydome is More Hygienic and Less Odorous

Restrooms installed with Lilydome waterless urinal waste systems are more hygienic and less odorous than conventional restrooms for two reasons.

  1. No water means no breeding ground for bacteria. Limescale in flush-water deposits an absorbent layer within which odour-causing bacteria can develop. Lilydome waterless urinals, by contrast, have no such layer. It is also important to note that male urine is sterile, unless the individual has a kidney infection.In several studies, bacteria counts in restrooms with waterless urinals were significantly lower than those with manual or auto-flush urinals.
  2. Urinals with Lilydome waterless wastes fitted are touch-free, so there’s little chance of bacteria transfer.

How Lilydome Avoids Blockages

Firstly, Lilydome waterless urinal waste systems utilise a cartridge that collects debris so that there is less chance of a blockage forming within the waste pipes.

Secondly, the combination of lime-scale from water and urine entering the pipe eventually builds up to form a hard scale. This build up eventually causes blockages and is particularly difficult to combat.

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