Despite being one of Earth’s most precious natural resources – essential to all life – millions of litres of fresh water are wasted every day, either through irresponsible use, the effects of pollution or improper management. Global warming and irregular weather patterns exacerbate the problem.

At work especially, we are unaware of the cost and quantity of our consumption. Offices and factories consume huge amounts of water and conventional flushing urinals are one of the main culprits, accounting for more than 25% of the total water consumption of commercial buildings.

In total, as much as 5% of our fresh water supplies are used to flush urine away.

The time has come for businesses and individuals alike to take responsibility and do our bit to save water.

This is where PlanetSaver comes in.

For each PlanetSaver Lilydome waterless urinal waste system installed, between 130 000 and 200 000 litres of water are saved per year. That’s the equivalent of saving enough water for 4714 showers, or to supply one person with two litres of drinking water per day for 226 years.

That’s a lot of fresh water saved in one year by just one Lilydome equipped urinal.

For additional tips on how to save water, visit www.capetown.gov.za. If enough people make even the smallest changes, the benefits for the environment are potentially huge.

Saving Water Saves Energy

By using water more efficiently we reduce the need to treat wastewater, which in turn reduces the huge amounts of energy used by treatment plants, as well as all the emissions associated with them.

Did you know that letting your tap run for just five minutes uses roughly the same amount of energy as a 60-watt light bulb running for 14 hours?

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