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PlanetSaver™ International Company Profile

PlanetSaver™ International was established by Flynn Goodwin, owner of Flynn Goodwin Plumbing (FGP), a highly reputable South African company.  Flynn has been responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of corporate and commercial buildings for major property owners and groups, such as Maxigroup, Acucap Properties, 7 Eleven (now known as Hadjidakis Childrens Trust), Norwich Properties, Fedsure Properties and Growthpoint Property Group.

The experience Flynn gained over the years of having worked closely with various building managers and supervisors led to him exploring new avenues for cutting costs for companies as well as developing a passion for saving water and energy.  He undertook three years of extensive research into the various other waterless urinal systems available worldwide and developed a superior, locally manufactured and produced product known as PlanetSaver’s Lilydome® Waterless Urinal Valve Cartridge.

We firmly believe that the Lilydome is the most refined and effective waterless urinal waste system of its kind on the market today.

Mission Statement:

We strive to provide outstanding, value-added products and services that meet every demand of our customers, whilst simultaneously saving water and being kind to the environment.

Saving Water Saves Energy

Client Testimonials

  • St Stithians College has as part of their strategic objective to be as carbon neutral as possible by 2015, taken all aspects of “greening” our campus into account. One of these has been to install the Lilydome units into our existing standalone urinals in an effort to save potable water.   Read More

    St Stithians College
  • We have solved the problem of foul-smelling urinals by using Lilydome and, in addition, the urinals are hygienic and odour-free.   Read More

    Old Mutual
  • We have had the Lilydome Waterless Urinal Waste System installed at the Terraces, Sovereign Quays and 33 Bree for approximately three years and we are extremely satisfied with the performance of this system.  Read More

    Growthpoint Properties


Water Saving

With no need to flush, with around 2 litres saved.

Cost Effective

Lilydome costs less to buy & install than normal flushing urinals.

Touch Free

Lilydome urinals are touch-free reducing bacteria transfer.

Less Odorous

No water means no breeding ground for smelly bacteria.

Easy Installation

Innovative screw in design for easy installation.

Avoids Blockages

No water, means no urine crystallisation, and build-up.

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Despite being one of Earth’s most precious natural resources – essential to all life – millions of litres of fresh water are wasted every day, either through irresponsible use, the effects of pollution or improper management. Global warming and irregular weather patterns exacerbate the problem.

At work especially, we are unaware of the cost and quantity of our consumption. Offices and factories consume huge amounts of water and conventional flushing urinals are one of the main culprits, accounting for more than 25% of the total water consumption of commercial buildings.

In total, as much as 5% of our fresh water supplies are used to flush urine away.

The time has come for businesses and individuals alike to take responsibility and do our bit to save water.

This is where PlanetSaver comes in.

For each PlanetSaver Lilydome waterless urinal waste system installed, between 130 000 and 200 000 litres of water are saved per year. That’s the equivalent of saving enough water for 4714 showers, or to supply one person with two litres of drinking water per day for 226 years.

That’s a lot of fresh water saved in one year by just one Lilydome equipped urinal.

For additional tips on how to save water, visit www.capetown.gov.za. If enough people make even the smallest changes, the benefits for the environment are potentially huge.

Saving Water Saves Energy

By using water more efficiently we reduce the need to treat wastewater, which in turn reduces the huge amounts of energy used by treatment plants, as well as all the emissions associated with them.

Did you know that letting your tap run for just five minutes uses roughly the same amount of energy as a 60-watt light bulb running for 14 hours?

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